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  • [Info Ringan] Macam-macam Phobia dari A-Z : F - J

    Febriphobia - Fear of fever.
    Felinophobia - Fear of cats.
    Fibriophobia - Fear of fever.
    Fibriphobia - Fear of fever.
    Francophobia - Fear of France, French culture.


    Galeophobia - Fear of cats.
    Galiophobia - Fear of France, French culture.
    Gallophobia - Fear of France, French culture.
    Gamophobia - Fear of marriage.
    Gatophobia - Fear of cats.
    Geliophobia - Fear of laughter.
    Geniophobia - Fear of chins.
    Genophobia - Fear of sex.
    Genuphobia - Fear of knees.
    Gephydrophobia - Fear of crossing bridges.
    Gephyrophobia - Fear of crossing bridges.
    Gephysrophobia - Fear of crossing bridges.
    Gerascophobia - Fear of growing old.
    Germanophobia - Fear of Germany, German culture, etc.
    Gerontophobia - Fear of old people or of growing old.
    Geumaphobia - Fear of taste.
    Geumophobia - Fear of taste.
    Glossophobia - Fear of speaking in public or of trying to speak.
    Gnosiophobia - Fear of knowledge.
    Graphophobia - Fear of writing or handwritting.
    Gymnophobia - Fear of nudity. takut dimarahin kah?
    Gynephobia - Fear of women.
    Gynophobia - Fear of women.

    Hadephobia - Fear of hell.
    Hagiophobia - Fear of saints or holy things.
    Hamartophobia - Fear of sinning.
    Haphephobia - Fear of being touched.
    Haptephobia - Fear of being touched.
    Harpaxophobia - Fear of being robbed.
    Hedonophobia - Fear of feeling pleasure.
    Heliophobia - Fear of the sun.
    Hellenologophobia - Fear of Greek terms or complex scientific terminology.
    Helminthophobia - Fear of being infested with worms.
    Hemaphobia - Fear of blood.
    Hematophobia - Fear of blood.
    Hemophobia - Fear of blood.
    Hereiophobia - Fear of challenges to official doctrine or of radical deviation.
    Heresyphobia - Fear of challenges to official doctrine or radical deviation.
    Herpetophobia - Fear of reptiles or creepy, crawly things.
    Heterophobia - Fear of the opposite sex.
    Hierophobia - Fear of priest or sacred things.
    Hippophobia - Fear of horses.
    Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - Fear of long words.
    Hobophobia - Fear of bums or beggars.
    Hodophobia - Fear of road travel.
    Homichlophobia - Fear of fog.
    Homilophobia - Fear of sermons.
    Hominophobia - Fear of men.
    Homophobia - Fear of sameness, monotony or of homosexuality or of becoming homosexual.
    Hoplophobia - Fear of firearms.
    Hormephobia - Fear of shock.
    Hydrargyophobia - Fear of mercuial medicines.
    Hydrophobia - Fear of water of of rabies.
    Hydrophobophobia - Fear or rabies.
    Hyelophobia - Fear of glass.
    Hygrophobia - Fear of liquids, dampness, or moisture.
    Hylephobia - Fear of materialism or the fear of epilepsy.
    Hylophobia - Fear of forests.
    Hynophobia - Fear of sleep or of being hypnotized.
    Hypegiaphobia - Fear of responsibility.
    Hypengyophobia - Fear of responsibility.
    Hypertrichophobia - Fear of hair.
    Hypsiphobia - Fear of height.

    Iatrophobia - Fear of going to the doctor or doctors.
    Ichthyophobia - Fear of fish.
    Ideophobia - Fear of ideas.
    Illyngophobia - Fear of vertigo or feeling dizzy when looking down.
    Insectophobia - Fear of insects.
    Iophobia - Fear of poison.
    Isolophobia - Fear of solitude, being alone.
    Isopterophobia - Fear of termites, insects that eat wood.
    Ithyphallophobia - Fear of seeing, thinking about, or having an erect penis.

    Japanophobia - Fear of Japanese.
    Judeophobia - Fear of Jews.


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